Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Like it says above...

...I really do have absolutely no idea what I'm doing here.  See these words?  These words on the page right now?  These words are the aftermath of an idea, ("Hey! Why don't I write a blog?") and roughly five minutes of screwing around with Blogger.  It sounds stupid, but I'm a little bit awed at the ease with which one can just fling their ideas out at the rest of the world these days.  Guess I missed that whole thing known as the last two decades, huh?

Oddly enough, the whole blog idea was borne of my new-found fascination with Twitter.  I'm a seasoned vet: Two days, thirty "tweets."  (Check me out if you feel like it, @ThePeterJohnson)  I always thought Twitter sounded dumb, especially the whole thing about calling your posts "tweets."  This paragraph actually contains my first two uses (EVER!) of that word in that particular context.  I still have yet to say it aloud.  Even alone, to myself.  Even in the dark, with my ears plugged.  It just seems weird.

Anyway, to make a long story short, my curmudgeonly, antisocial ass finally decided to give Twitter a try after a long night of drinking in the hotel bar at Phoenix Comic Con.  (More on that later.  Maybe.)  I was hooked almost immediately. The staccato back-and-forth of ideas in tiny, 140 word bursts turned out to be a whole lot of fun.

Naturally, what followed was the normal human thought pattern of, "Activity X is amusing, so a greater quantity of Activity X should provide yet greater amusement."  Now I'm not quite that high-brow, so the actual thought that went through my head was more akin to a certain internet meme...

*Ahem*  Yes.  Just like that.  And that, in turn, led to, "Hey! Why don't I write a blog?"

Easy, right?  Er...  Not really.  I made a blog.  I'm in the middle of the first post of said blog.  Yet, and this is important, I still have no freaking clue what this stupid blog is going to be about.  Even Google has failed me.  Being the creative type, (hush!) I figured I would just Google "What should I blog about?"  My results came back as a mish-mash of lofty blog advice.  "Write about what you know!"  "Your blog should have one central topic..."  "Write about cats! Everyone loves cats!"

Well crap.  My talents include:

1. Spouting off about random topics.

2.  Being mildly amusing, on occasion.

3.  Making fun of things.

Not exactly the greatest recipe for success, but I'm going to see what I can do with it.  Because if there's one thing that NOBODY has EVER SEEN BEFORE, it's a blog where some guy spouts off about random crap while being occasionally amusing and making fun of things.  (Maddox, you say? Who's Maddox?)

Clearly, I still have no idea what I'm doing.